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Rift S Controller Models

Right now if I use 'Start With Controllers' it will still show the old Touch controllers with Rift S.

Is there an update coming which will show the correct controllers?


  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 681 Oculus Start Member
    Second this, I have a game I am trying to get through review that relies on the Avatar SDK to show the controller.
    Sanzaru - Programmer
  • armin.rigoarmin.rigo Posts: 4
    I've read that the new models were found in Oculus/VR/Meshes/OculusTouchForQuestAndRiftS in the Oculus Integration v1.36.  Now that it's been updated to v1.37, I don't find them any more.  If someone knows where to find v1.36, it would be appreciated.
  • armin.rigoarmin.rigo Posts: 4
    ...Sorry, found the problem.  Unity was for some reason saying "1.37" on the asset store, but on clicking the big "Import" button it was using a cached older version.  I fixed it by removing C:\Users\accountName\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Oculus.
  • Heaney-555Heaney-555 Posts: 103
    The Avatar SDK models are different. They apply automatically when you click 'Start with Controllers' and they're animated.
  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Just a quick update here. The new Oculus Touch controllers were being correctly detected and assigned for Oculus Quest, but not Rift S. We've fixed this bug and it should roll out in SDK1.39.
    Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    @owenwp -- please DM me if you're still having issues with your review on this basis.
  • Schneider21Schneider21 Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    @Ross_Beef any timeline projected for the 1.39 release? I've got a demo app going to a trade show next week and I'd love to have the right controllers showing. Is the change simple enough that you could maybe point me to a line or two in the 1.38 integration that I can modify to get me by?
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