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Quest Guardian rendering uses about 20% of GPU. Is this normal?

Our game is currently able to easily sustain 72fps in regular play. Using the OVR Metrics tool and Remote Monitor, it is using on average 60% of GPU and 40% of CPU.

However, we've noticed that whenever we step into the boundaries of the Guardian System and the red grid begins to be rendered, the GPU usage spikes up to between 80 and 85%, while CPU is hardly affected.

Is this expected? We have some larger, more visually complex levels in the pipeline and we're worried that even if we only use a reported 80% of the GPU, the game would stutter (and subsequently fail VRC.Quest.Performance.1) if the player is playing the game in a confined space and keeps crossing the boundaries.


  • lostsomfanlostsomfan Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    Been experienced this behaviour aswell! 
  • PrecisionAlexPrecisionAlex Posts: 3
    Also noticed a considerable drop in performance when the guardian is visible. 
  • StuntFriarStuntFriar Posts: 9
    Ok, good to know that I'm not the only one seeing this.

    So, I take it we have to assume we only have about 80% of GPU resources to use?
  • Geist2501Geist2501 Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    Have you guys checked whether you can just read out the state of the guardian and then render your own representation of the boundaries instead. That might perform better, depending on your approach and themed to suit your game. Unless there is a guideline that says you can't do that...

    Just an idea though - what i would test.
  • akrasnerakrasner Posts: 1
    I've also been seeing performance issues when Guardian is being rendered. Would love more information on this issue.
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