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Beginner to VR: Where to Start

TayoEXETayoEXE Posts: 2
I am not a complete beginner when it comes to Unity, but I used to help just a bit as an intern with a startup company that wanted to make a language learning VR platform on the Vive. I was introduced to Unity, but I have forgotten a lot of things. I am also a poor college student who cannot afford a powerful rig and a PC headset such as a Rift or Vive myself to try developing on. That is why I could not wait for the release of the Oculus Quest since it was finally an affordable 6DoF headset that even someone like me could afford. I just ordered one. I am aware that it isn't the most ideal platform to try for testing, but since it has the hardware in the headset itself I have heard I can at least export an apk to it if I want to test it. Again, this is still amazing for me even if it's not that convenient until I can later afford a high-end PC and headset.

Now, my question is, where do I start with VR development knowing this? Making a simple VR game in Unity that can be deployed to my Quest, learning how to model and texture, resources, classes, anything. The technology is new, and actual classes for VR, especially the brand new Quest, seem few, and any place I've asked around assumes I already know how to work with all of these things and have a powerful PC. The Quest is a stepping stone for me to at least learn the basics, so I just need some guidance since I have dabbled in all of this just a little, but I have forgotten many things and don't have enough knowledge to really produce anything. Where do I start? Any good resources? Advice?


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