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Client Quitting/Leaving A Multiplayer Session - UE4.22

garretthogangarretthogan Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
I've been having a hard time figuring this out. I feel like it shouldn't be nearly as hard as it is. Can anyone tell me how to properly disconnect a player from the session they are connected to? Every solution I've come up with either ends up taking the player back to the main menu but keeping them connected to the session, so you can still hear them and the player count remains the same. Or it just does absolutely nothing at all. This is the last bit of net code I've been struggling with and it's been really frustrating because I honestly expected it to be easy to do, especially compared to all the other networking functionality I've implemented. How do I properly disconnect a player from a session and game they are connected to and return them to the main menu?
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