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VRC PC Preformance 7

Hi there, 

I have submitted my game twice now and now it is the second time that this comes back as failed. The documents say I shouldn't worry as Unity handles convergence for me but in my test results I get that they are seeing a judder, which, when I run my game I cannot see. I have tried optimising everything from shaders, materials, texture, ive done batching and baked all my light sources, I have some dynamic objects but in Unity I am getting fps at 128 fps and the game runs smoothly everywhere except between scene changes now cause I read an article that said I should remove all my scene assets before loading a new scene so as to optimise my memory usage which did help. So now I just want to know how could I fix this? This is my first upload ever and I am finding it rather frustrating that the test results don't tell me where and when they are experiencing judder. Also just so that you know all my VRC tests pass on myside so I'm not sure why they are comming back as failed?

Thank you in advance
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