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Quality Settings are being set to "Fastest" despite a default.

mogacreativemogacreative Posts: 11
Developing in Unity 2018.4LTS and using Oculus Integration 1.37

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I have noticed on builds that the quality setting are being overriden to the 'Fastest' state. Below is the Rift settings I am using, set to the default. 
The problem persists whether or not "use Required Project Settings" is toggled. Any thought?


  • mogacreativemogacreative Posts: 11
    Here is the Project Setting window during build: 
  • mogacreativemogacreative Posts: 11
    arg nvm just had to drag the 'Rift' levels to the Top
  • el_jergasel_jergas Posts: 19
    Can't you just uncheck the quality levels that you don't want?
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