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Citizen science game 'FlyCatcher' approved for keys only

I have been developing a citizen science game in VR with the intent to release on the Oculus store. It has passed all technical reviews but has been deemed 'not yet suited for the Oculus Store'.

I did not receive any feedback beyond suggestions to reference content standards and the best practice guide on the Oculus Developer Center. I cannot see any obvious conflict with content standards or best practices.

The message I received seemed to be an automated message. I have asked for some specific feedback and am awaiting a response. The game represent ~9 months of work (with over a month of delays on Oculus's end due to various technical issues). To work for that long only to receive a seemingly cookie cutter rejection email with no directed constructive feedback is quite frustrating.

From looking through similar issues posted on the forums, the only thing I can pick out is that my game is lacking is the optional video trailer, though I've seen several games and experiences on the oculus store without one.

I am looking for general suggestions from the community. If anyone would like to try out the game or needs more information I can provide some Key codes and will be responding to comments.
Any feedback would be most welcome :)


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