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[Quest] how to get the Quest detected again without rebooting Windows?

MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 206 Oculus Start Member
When testing an app, I disconnect the Quest from the usb cable - test it where I have enough floor space and afterwards reconnect the Quest to the computer.
If I remember correctly, the GO would always be automatically detected when reconnected.
The Quest though isn't detected (on my computer - Win10). Rebooting the Quest doesn't change that. I need to reboot Windows for the Quest to be detected again.

Any way to get the Quest automatically be detected (by ADB) again without rebooting Windows?


  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 206 Oculus Start Member
    edited June 2019
    It was something on my system - once I removed the usb cable from the usb hub in the monitor and plugged the usb cable into another usb hub the quest always gets detected immediately.
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