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Oculus Integration asset necessary?

Hi there :)

I've developed VR applications professionally for B2B in Unity for a couple of years now - Gear VR, Vive, and Rift. It's my first time developing for the Oculus Quest, amazing device. I've easily and successfully been able to build directly to the device, and already made a working custom interaction framework in no time using Unity's XR Input system without the Oculus Integration asset in the project whatsoever.

I was wondering if using the Unity Integration asset is actually obligatory? I'm quite confident that I can make all the interaction needed on my own, but what if I hope to release something on the store one day?

If so, what are in fact the required parts of the asset package?

Best Answers

  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    Accepted Answer
    You'll at the very least need the platform integration to perform an entitlement check
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    Accepted Answer
    No problem, happy to help! Yeah you got it rite. Youl have to get the whole oculus integration asset pack off the asset store since oculus no longer provides the individual components but you should be able to prune all non platform related scripts. Once thats good to go, put in your app id and you should be ready to perform the entitlement check


  • ra_rasmusra_rasmus Posts: 3
    Thank you for the swift reply, MikeF! That's good to know.

    The Oculus Unity Getting Started Guide seems to mention the Oculus Integration package as supplemental and optional. Am I correct in assuming that the entitlement check uses the Application ID as seen on the Preparing for Android Development page?
  • ra_rasmusra_rasmus Posts: 3
    Super, thanks again! :)
  • dev-testdev-test Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    I'm having issues with the entitlement check on the Oculus quest, it always fail.
    Yet it's working perfectly on Oculus Go and GearVR.
    Any idea what's happening here ?
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