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Any experiences in playing 360 SBS videos?

TukovskiTukovski Posts: 2
I'm heading to make an Oculus Go App that should play a 360 SBS video when a condition is fulfilled.
I think my options are:
  • Use Oculus 360 video SDK: I've tried but the resolution of the video is 3840x1920 and it seem that this player doesn't like that. The stereoscopic effect is wrong. Any ideas of why this happens?
  • Start Samsung VR video whit something like an intent. Is this possible?, With Samsung VR video the video plays perfectly.
Can anyone give me some tips?


  • TukovskiTukovski Posts: 2
    Well, even though docs say that for stereoscopic videos height/width relation have to be 1, now my video plays correctly by adding "_RL" suffix to video name. Prevoiusly I used "_LR" and it didn't work.
    I'll be working with Oculus 360 SDK for now.
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