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Unity and Quest - build and Run errors

Just wondering if here is a latest version of Unity and Android SDK plugins, or if it is something else:

THe build app works but using BUild and Run I get this error:
Error building Player: FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

I do not that in the buil settings the Run deviec gives the Quests ID, not "Oculus Quest" which I have seen on tutorials. So Im not sure if that is giving the wrong information?
Anyone else had this problem...or can suggest the latst Unit and Andriod SDK plugins that have worked together



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  • deprecatedcoderdeprecatedcoder Posts: 2
    I had responded to you on YouTube, but figure might as well here too in case any other poor soul has this problem.

    Problem: Unity was not recognizing Android SDK and NDK installed from Android Studio

    Solution: In Unity Hub > Installs I went to Add Modules for the version I am using (2019.1.5f1), then did the dropdown next to Android Build Support and added the SDK and NDK tools there.

    Also, after doing that I ran into an error saying there were two plugin version for the OVRPlugin.aar, so I just deleted the oculus/vr/plugins/android directory and then everything worked.

    Good luck!
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