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Quest Camera Overlay Control in Historical Spaces

mischaschaub1mischaschaub1 Posts: 1
I am writing to you from a neglected baroque palace in France. 
Here you find a matterport captured model of it with a walkthrough video created in UE4. https://%20https//vimeo.com/326195791

In this palace I am trying to create a Quest application for visitors of our real museum space consisting of several empty rooms. In all these rooms I would like to establish a guardian zone and create content related to historical uses of the room (in the kitchen space the user could observe the cook at work in the 19th century, and in the attic you could find the hidden sharpshooters from the first and second war). If the visitor walks through the doors between the rooms the oculus scene should change accordingly. And if would be helpful if the external cameras of the Quest could be mixed into the virtual imagery, for reasons of safety and continuity.

I would be happy to develop this in UE4, and a blueprint functionality for mixing the camera transparency control with the virtual image would be especially helpful, so that the user gets some added spatial orientation when he/she walks through a door (such a door always should act as a switch between centuries depicted in the different rooms, and each room should use its own level, so the door switcher sequence would create some transition experience).
I would be happy about all kinds of advice, collaboration and support, our venture "Ecole du VRisme" is not for profit and about sharing experiences. Hoping for your support and reaction
[email protected]
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