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VRC.Mobile.Functional.5 "Background Downloads" for Go only app

kohijinkohijin Posts: 2
edited June 9 in Oculus Go Development

I would like to submit an app to the store on behalf of my client, but the app uses Unity 2018.2's native web request (www class) in a coroutine to download content within the app. It seems like the download finishes when removing my headset and the display is shutting off. Does this already translate to passing that VRC for an app exclusively for the Go or do I still need to implement a plug-in for background downloads?

Thanks in advance for any input on this!


  • lysergidelysergide Posts: 1
    I am pretty sure that the download doesn't continue while you remove the headset.
    For this purpose exactly this plugin was created: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/network/background-download-129079
  • kohijinkohijin Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply, but I cannot confirm this behavior with the Go, which would be the only platform this would be published on and the existence of this plugin does not really proof that it is a requirement for that platform. Also, Oculus provided a free plugin themselves specifically for the Gear VR. https://developer.oculus.com/blog/tech-note-downloading-data-in-the-background-on-mobile/
    Many apps fail this requirement the first time because they implement downloading within their own process. When a Gear VR is undocked from the headset the foreground application is killed

    So right now I assume this is still a Gear VR specific issue. But I would still appreciate any anecdotes or official statements.

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