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teleporting, on the verge of giving up

I have a gearVR and an oculus go, I have created a unity app that should allow me to navigate around a mesh landscape, I have followed tutorial after tutorial but I still cant get teleporting working, is there a simple and up to date turtorial for this or maybe even a demo project, none of the examples with the unity asset seem to do anything or are poorly documented especially for a noob-ish developer, which I kinda thought was the point of a tutorial? anyway long story short I'm looking to get moving around my landscape and it's driving me insane, between trying everything and being told "just follow the tutorials" I'm close to giving up :/

Is there a simple step by step tutorial to get going? or maybe an example project?



  • yesbirdyesbird Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    Never give up !

    I used <...>\Assets\Oculus\SampleFramework\Usage\Locomotion.unity as base for my own, patched, teleport and need to say it works fine. Fill free to ask me if something will go wrong, good luck.

    Unity 2018.4.1f1 / Framework 1.37

    Oculus GO / Unity 2018.4.1f1 / Oculus Integration 1.37

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