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No word yet on our app submission past the 3 week mark.

falldeaffalldeaf Posts: 9
I submitted my app on the 20th last month after fixing two small issues to pass the automated test. The submission notes had asked for go-live date, for which I put the 10th (Yesterday). We'd planned and have canceled our social media, promotion plan.

Our app is now past the 3-week period and the asked for deadline but we haven't heard any word about its status. Has it fallen through the cracks? Is there a lot of problems that will need to be addressed that are stacking up? Is there any way to ask for an update or communicate at all with the staff who approves publication? (There's no way in the developer dashboard that I was able to find.)


  • falldeaffalldeaf Posts: 9
    Just to update this, my content review came back approved today! If I'm reading the email correctly it appears like our app itself it approved and now the meta-data is being reviewed.
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