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Casting from a separate camera?

So first off, yeah yeah - I know I'm crazy for wanting to render yet another viewpoint on a mobile device, BUT:

I would like to cast from a camera that isn't the user's viewpoint. I'm also using Unity. Any ideas?


  • timaidley_googletimaidley_google Posts: 3
    Currently rendering the non-user viewpoint camera to the left eye and the normal view to the right eye. It works, but it's not a great experience for the person in the headset...
  • colin.love1colin.love1 Posts: 6
    not a great experience for the person in the headset...
    Out of body experience?

    Sorry, I'm only commenting, so I get notified when someone else figures out how to do it.
  • jphilippjphilipp Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Could you please explain what your use case is, what you want to achieve, what the final experience should be? I'm not sure I'm fully getting it. Thanks.
    - Anyland dev -
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 947
    Id love to see this as a possibility. My game has a spectator camera mode that renders to monitor on desktop which provides observers with additional information that the vr player doesnt always need. We had to remove this for our quest port so having an alternate casting source would be great for rift parity
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