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Oculus Quest display colours seem off

We are experiencing some issues with the development of our museum for the Oculus Quest. For a true, lifelike representation of paintings, it's vital the colours of the canvasses in-game match the real works. We are satisfied with the way the colours are represented on the Oculus Go, and on the rift, but on the Quest, the colours seem a lot more saturated. Could the displays be that different or does Oculus use some kind of post-processing colour correction? When we made a video capture for demoing purposes on the Quest, the colours seemed more natural than experienced in-headset. This suggests that the display of the Quest has different colour properties. We have been thinking about doing device specific post-processing colour correction but future changes in the Oculus hard/software could cause us to have to redo these every time. We would love a more future-proof solution. Has anyone else had this experience?


  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    edited June 2019
    We've seen the same issues. An easy test is to create a greyscale gradient and display it on each device. On Rift, everything appears without a color cast. However, on Go and Quest, there is a visible color cast to the gradient. I'd describe it as "pink-ish".

    Also, like your experience, when we do a screen capture or recording, the capture doesn't exhibit the cast, leading us to believe that the colors are being modified on the way to the screen or as a characteristic of the display itself.
  • pancakecircuspancakecircus Posts: 2
    Same issue here, how did you guys end up dealing with it?
  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    We weren't able to solve this issue.
  • TippingPointTippingPoint Posts: 3
    Has anyone been able to solve this issue? I've been working on medical applications that depend heavily on mostly-red biological materials, which are now heavily blown out on the quest.
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