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Oculus Platform VRVoiceChat Sample App for Oculus Quest

FanghFangh Posts: 35
Brain Burst
Hello everyone.
I am trying to build the VRVoiceChat sample app for my Oculus Quest.

I followed the prerequesite here : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/latest/concepts/book-sampleapp/

Then I had an issue with the android manifest, but I manage to get pass this issue (which is still a bug since 2 years now).

Then I followed the readme.txt with the GearVR part, because I suppose it's the same process for Oculus Quest.

I have uploaded it and it's in my ALPHA channel : 

I have two questions :
1) Where is the app in my Oculus Quest Library ?
2) Did I do something wrong ?
3) Did anybody have succeeded to make a VoIP app with the Oculus Quest with the Oculus Platform Tool ?

Thank you
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