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Oculus Quest has a yellow tint in game compared to the Rift/S? Is this configurable?

Dtb49Dtb49 Posts: 2
I'm developing a UE4 game for the Quest in 4.21. I also have an S that I use for quicker debugging and such. I've noticed that when I run the app on the S it has sort of a blue tint whereas if I run it on the Quest everything has more of a yellower tint to it.(Exact same app) It is almost as if the Quest has some sort of Blue light filtering. I was wondering if anyone has ran into this before or if there is a way to modify this to get those brighter colors on the Quest. 


  • StuntFriarStuntFriar Posts: 9
    edited August 2019
    I've had the opposite, funnily enough.

    Also running 4.21, I have an original Rift and a Quest. The Rift seems to match the colours on my computer monitors quite well, but the Quest seems to lean towards blue whenever I've got clipped highlights.

    To make things even more complicated, the Quest seems to show red with more intensity, so if you have any light-brown objects with an intense white light on them, they appear pink-ish with blue highlights.

    I'm fairly sure it's an issue with the Quest's display - when I take in-game screenshots and view them on any other device, the highlights appear white as they should.
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