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OVROverlay quad distortion

yesbirdyesbird Posts: 17
edited June 12 in Oculus Go Development
Dear Oculus experts !

I started development with Go and found that, while I am experienced Unity developer, working with Go is TOO difficult, because simple things are very complicated to implement.

In partucular:
1. After carefully reading "VR Compositor Layers & OVROverlay" doc section, I can not force to work quad overlay as expecting getting distortion of texture size - this is a screen from app shot:

Hera are screenshots from Unity:

Texture setup in Unity:

2. I can not take screenshot from my app - no red dot appiars after selecting "Take Photo" - only video recording is possible.

Could you please help me to solve this problems (overlay is much more important :))

Thanks in advance,

Oculus GO / Unity 2018.4.1f1 / Oculus Integration 1.37


  • yesbirdyesbird Posts: 17
    edited June 12
    After creating OVROverlay in separate scene, saving as prefab, importing to main scene distortion effect disappears.
    The only assumption about the the reason is the overlay was cylinder before being the quad with adjusted Source/Dest rect properties.

    Oculus GO / Unity 2018.4.1f1 / Oculus Integration 1.37

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