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Assets of Oculus touch controller (rift s/ quest)

will there be a set of Assets or meshes of the new controllers? 


  • armin.rigoarmin.rigo Posts: 6
    They are present in the recent versions of Unity's Oculus Integration package, in VR/Meshes/.
  • RonnyBulletRonnyBullet Posts: 14
    thanks for the reply, sadly i dont use unity, do you know why they only integrated it for unity?
  • StuntFriarStuntFriar Posts: 9
    I'm using UE4. What I had to do was download and install Unity, launch that, download the Oculus Integration Package from the Asset Store and install that, and then grab the FBX files and textures from the installation folders.
    It's a roundabout way of doing it, but it works - you can then import the FBX into whatever engine you're using.
  • huangjunhuangjun Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    I want some cad model for 3d print something for the controller.
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