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Oculus Quest, distantly grabbed object pushes player out of scene

terrebterreb Posts: 5
edited June 2019 in Unity Development
I have a weird bug when trying SampleFramework examples in Unity with Oculus Quest. In the DistantGrab scene when I distantly grab an object it pushes me out of the scene once it hits my virtual hand.

Also, I have a similar bug with VRTK v.4 - when I hit into an object in the sample scene it bounces me away or sends into sky. I suspect the cause might be the same.

My environment:
Unity 2019.1.4f1
Oculus Utilities 1.37.0
Mac OS 10.14.5

Best Answer


  • ChickenBaconChickenBacon Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    I'm having the same problem with objects pushing me away. Would love to get a fix to this.
  • terrebterreb Posts: 5
    Hey @ChickenBacon
    Thank you a lot! Don't know how I missed that video myself. 
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