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Trigger not working in Unity 2017.4 on recent plugin versions

Hiya, if we open a fresh project Unity 2017.4.11 and download/install the Oculus Integration Unity asset, and set everything needed in project settings to build for Oculus Quest:

Testing the GearVRControllerTest scene on the Quest (after adding log support to see Secondary Trigger), the right trigger doesn't report that it is ever pressed. (Though touch is)

Updating the plugin to 1.37 we get even less support for the right controller (so Secondary hand trigger no longer firing).

If we downgrade to 1.16, the controller works but sends PrimaryIndexTrigger etc (rather than secondary). Which actually is fine for our needs.

Is there something we're doing wrong though? Are we ok to release an Oculus Quest app to app store with plugin 1.16?



  • PreloadedTeamPreloadedTeam Posts: 3
    Ah ha!!! Turns out it was a hardware issue!! One of the little screws that holds the trigger button in place had some how come out and got lodged underneath the button itself. This meant it wasn't fully completing a full press. Not an issue in Oculus Dash itself as the trigger seems to be fired on a lower % press there, but was in Unity.

    Would have just therefore been a fluke that it happened the screw wasn't quite preventing the fix in the downgraded 1.16 plugin.

    All fixed now!
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