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Oculus Quest entitlement check fail


I'm having issues with the entitlement check on the Oculus quest, it always fail.
Yet it's working perfectly on Oculus Go and GearVR.
I'm using the latest OVR SDK integration from Unity asset store; 1.37.

Any idea what's happening here ?



  • beep2bleepbeep2bleep Posts: 49 Oculus Start Member
    Are you sure it's working on the Go/GearVR?  I'm having all calls to all Android platforms fail right now.  Including the simple Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete(GetLoggedInUserCallback); It returns in less than a second with a failed message of User is in an unrecoverable state.  Used 2017,2018,2019 most current OVR integration and older versions both on Go and Quest.  It seems like something is really messed up right now.
  • dev-testdev-test Posts: 7
    @beep2bleep Yes, we don't have any issues with entitlement check on our Go/GearVR app for sure.
  • ssrobincssrobinc Posts: 4
    I also having similar issue. Any updates on this matter?
  • bmoodyP3bmoodyP3 Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    I have also had an issue with this. Any answer from support?
  • bmoodyP3bmoodyP3 Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    I used SideQuest with my Quest and it seems that others who have used SideQuest have also had errors with their entitlement checks:

    I wonder if the two are connected.
  • JinuOhJinuOh Posts: 4
    @dev-test Did you solve the problem? I am also experiencing same issue on Unreal
  • glfmochglfmoch Posts: 2
    Im having the same problem too
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