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Need help bringing together plugins + assets

SpaghettiBlaccSpaghettiBlacc Posts: 1
Hi, I'm trying to enable the Vuplex Web Browser plugin, and use ARFoundation 2.2 on an Oculus Quest in an app that will also feature Neurosky SDK. However, even just creating a blank project and importing the oculus asset pkg from unity gives me this weird CS0246 errors. The idea is that the data from the Neurosky EEG headset would modulate post-image effects/filters on the Quest camera feed, which would use ARFoundation 2.2 to recognize another headset device as an enemy player, for a multiplayer battle (although I realize this may be outside of ARFoundation or Vuforia's scope). Therefore, I need someone to make these various plugins and assets compatible with each other in this one project.

version of unity: 2019.2.b5 (tried on 2019.3.0a5 also)
oculus integration 1.38
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