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Submarine SSBN Sea Wolf o Los angeles and Typhon or Akula Russian Vessel. VR first person Simualtion

fenice59fenice59 Posts: 1
Hello. My name is Fenice59 and I have been following VR since its birth. With the advent of virtual reality, we have been able to experience first-hand experiences of the most welcome level in various topics covered in the games made available by the various production companies. These include the beautiful "Star Trek Bridge Crew" by Ubysoft. But what has left me a bitter taste in the VR sector in these last few years is the fact that no house seems to consider the idea of ​​creating a simulator in first person. Because with Star Trek bridge Crew, Ubysoft has perfectly made the idea of ​​what it means to be in the command post of the Enterprise, giving us a complete virtual body of everything, including arms and not the usual hateless bodyless hands, I said to myself that surely whoever develops games and simulations in VR for PC, is able to create a simulator along the lines of Star Trek. I am waiting with trepidation for someone to remember the beautiful, fascinating and stimulating Nuclear Submarine simulators. So far we have witnessed pitiful attempts at siming the life experience aboard a submarine which, as always, is one of those of the second war and precisely a U-Boat. I'm waiting for a manufacturer to consider a project to create and give to fans, and there are so many, a simulation experience in which as in Star Trek, sitting in your command post, with complete virtual body including hands and arms, you can see in front of you and all around you the command bridge of a submarine Nuclear American class Sea Wolf, or los angeles and a Russian as a Thypoon or Akula. See in front of you the postaziini of the helmsmen with all the tools worked and the sailors sitting at their seats waiting for your orders. See the command bridge of the submarine alive with the men who give you all the data, and the sounds that characterize those environments. The possibility of being able to take command of certain stations, such as the sonar, the helmsmen and other consoles typical of a command bridge of an SSBN. In short, a VR simulation that takes us seriously as a Commander, and that allows us to experience the experience of commanding these immense units of the sea. The orders would then be selected by us on a board or notepad in which we would click, and for greater relaismo, they would be immediately repeated by voice by our Avatar commander. While from the crewmen to your orders, you would receive the answers as in reality. Finally you could create individual missions, campaigns and multiplayer section in the same submarine. Maybe for once in a while to include the Italian language, because it is true that the world is mocking us lately, but we are still one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world and we deserve to be taken into consideration. Let me know...



  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 984
    Sounds good, better get to work on that.
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