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Bluetooth with Oculus Quest

Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on a game for Oculus Rift in Unity which uses an external Bluetooth module to activate a VR vest when hit by enemies etc. I am trying to port the game for the Oculus Quest and I was wondering if there is a way I can pair this bluetooth module with the Oculus Quest so that the game running there can also use the VR vest? I've tried with an Android/Bluetooth asset from Unity but it hasn't been successful.

Is there any way to pair the Quest to a bluetooth device that isn't headphones or a keyboard? Thank you for your attention.


  • huangjunhuangjun Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Try unity bluetooth plugin
  • alejandro.castan.503alejandro.castan.503 Posts: 91 Oculus Start Member
    huangjun said:
    Try unity bluetooth plugin
    Hi, I am also interested in this topic for it, Could you let me goet any link of this unity bluetooth plugin?
    Thanks for your time
  • casey.kawamuracasey.kawamura Posts: 10
    Did you ever resolve this? My Quest can't see my Arduino. The arduino has been tested and is functioning properly and my game is functioning properly with it, I just need to pair it to the quest.

  • erasmo.bellumaterasmo.bellumat Posts: 5
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    I Want to use a blutooth periphals on Quest too. Any response?
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