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No data from mic after Parties voip active

AndyCoplanarAndyCoplanar Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
I'm using Photon Voice in a Go application.   Everything works fine until I join an Oculus Party.  Once I return to my app after joining the party I get no more data from the microphone.  Even if I leave the party and restart my app, I still don't get microphone data.   

The only way to fix the issue is to restart the headset. 

I'm using party voice suppression as described here : https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/6q8e1u/developers_this_is_how_you_handle_the_oculus/, and this actually works as expected.  While suppression is active the party voip stops, and while suppression is not active the party voip resumes.    But even when the party voip is suppressed I do not get data from the mic.  Not until I restart the headset.  Just leaving the party does not restore normal behaviour.

Is this an Parties bug?   Is there any work around for this?  

Unity 5.6.3f1
Go version :

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