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Quest doesn't appear in Unity's "Run Device" list anymore

jphilippjphilipp Posts: 28
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Hi! I was able to select Quest just fine in Unity's Build Settings - Android - "Run Device" selection while being USB-connected (I have Developer Mode enabled on Quest etc.). Now however, Quest won't show up anymore in that list, even after restarting the PC, the Headset, as well as clicking Refresh on the list or changing to a different USB socket. (The USB connection itself works, as I can see the battery status change when plugging in.) What can I do? Thanks!
- Anyland dev -


  • Geist2501Geist2501 Posts: 21
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    The battery status only means it gets power, not that data is being transmitted - just saying.

    Does it appear as Quest in your explorer? You could try reinstalling the Drivers i guess.
    Are you sure you have given permission to your pc to establish a debug connection?
  • JattierJattier Posts: 19
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    As long as you can still deploy to the default device, it shouldn't matter that the exact device ID doesn't show up in the dropdown.
  • wearablecomputerlabwearablecomputerlab Posts: 4
    first check if adb can see it using "adb devices" command. if you don't have adb you will need to download it, it's small and standalone. if this can see it then it's a problem with unity, if it can't then there is a problem with the connection. I have noticed that PC-USB ports don't charge the quest up enough so try plugging it into the wall for half an hour.
  • jull360jull360 Posts: 1
    Plug Quest, Put headset on, authorize PC if popup appears
  • ROBYER1ROBYER1 Posts: 15
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    Check if your developer mode is on, mine disabled its developer mode after the latest update today
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