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UnityWebRequestMultimedia audio not playing on Oculus Go

youjeanzyoujeanz Posts: 1
Hi, so we have a text-to-speech method that downloads audio from a url. This audio works perfectly fine on the "play mode" of Unity, however, when trying  to run the build on the Oculus Go, the audio from the text-to-speech doesn't seem to be playing at all. All the audios except text-to-speech seem to be doing perfectly fine on the Oculus though. Moreover, it doesn't seem to be a network error as proven through the if/else statement in the code. We're not sure if it's an issue based on formatting or just the UnityWebRequest audio handling.
Here's the part of the code that does text-to-speech (C#)
    IEnumerator DownloadTheAudio(string speech) {
       //Debug.Log("general speak method");
       using (UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequestMultimedia.GetAudioClip(url, AudioType.MPEG)) {
           yield return www.Send(); 

           if (www.isNetworkError)
               yield break;
               //_audio is declared inside the class as "public AudioSource _audio"
               AudioClip myClip = DownloadHandlerAudioClip.GetContent(www);
               _audio.clip = myClip;

And here's a sample method that would run that script vvv
    public void Greet() {
        string person = "Bob";
        string speech = "Nice to meet you " + person;
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