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Oculus Quest Text-to-speech

Hi! In the Oculus Quest is it possible to use native Android Text-to-speech? I've done some test and it does not seem to work.


  • huangjunhuangjun Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    Maybe you can try TTS plugin in unity store
  • bjorn.sysebjorn.syse Posts: 9
    Which plugin would you recommend? 
  • peter.sallpeter.sall Posts: 2
    Has anyone got text to speech TTS to work on Quest?
  • geopetgeopet Posts: 1
    Hi all, I got Text to Speech working on my Oculus Quest. With the release 17 of the Oculus Quest software, the built in pico tts engine is fully functional, but the limitation remains that no apps (including pico tts) can play sound in the background. So when trying to play TTS through pico tts in my quest I see the following error in LOGCAT:

    2020-05-23T20:31:28.733Z: debug27433/27417 AudioTrack updateAppOpsPlayAudio: checkOp OP_PLAY_AUDIO for com.svox.pico returns: 1 (IGNORED)

    You can get around this by using the Android API TextToSpeech synthesizeToFile() and save your text to speech output as a wave file on the device memory, and then you can use the usual way in Android API to play this Wave file if your app is in the foreground. However, a developer was able to get background audio playing in their Android background service by popping up a notification every 200 ms (see the SideQuest app called nullnMusic which is open source and has source code on Github).

    I fully explain the above in more detail in my youtube video entitled "How to use Text to Speech (TTS) on Oculus Quest VR headset in virtual reality - for developers" on the channel on Youtube called "geoffmobile".

    I am new here so not allowed to post links yet, but the youtube link is this:
       www. youtube. com/ watch?v=fXjyB5CzROI

    Cheers, hope this helps out some people! 
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