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My apps are listed as incompatible in some devices

YerbaBuenaVRYerbaBuenaVR Posts: 11
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edited July 2019 in Unity Development

Recently some of my Oculus Gos have started to show my apps as incomplatible in the library. Do you know why this could be happening?

All of them are preview apps and have been developed using Unity 2018.2.



  • YerbaBuenaVRYerbaBuenaVR Posts: 11
    Brain Burst
    Ok, i think we now know what's happening

    Recent runtimes (7.0 onwards, as far as we could see) have this behavior in which, if the account is part of a development organization, all of the applications belonging to that organization will be seen in the library of the user, regardless of whether for the app or not. When the user does not have access to one of these apps, it is shown as "incompatible".

    So, it has nothing to do with the application itself, more like a visibility policy change in recent runtimes, which was a bit confusing to us.

    Leaving the note in case anyone else runs into a similar issue
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