How can i switch the laserpointer (UIHelper) from right to the left controller? — Oculus

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How can i switch the laserpointer (UIHelper) from right to the left controller?

VJ76VJ76 Posts: 22
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When adding the UIHelper prefab from the OculusIntergration, it directly assigns it to the right controller. How can i switch it to the left controller?
Do need to change the HandedInputSelector.cs?


  • WeitinWeitin Posts: 7
    I can't confirm if this works, but I believe set the Ray Transform to LeftHandAnchor in OVRInputModule found in UIHelpers > EventSystem.
  • VJ76VJ76 Posts: 22
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    @Weitin Thx for your answer, but it is not working.
  • WeitinWeitin Posts: 7
    Hey I took a look, and here are my findings. I debugged OVRInputModule and found that RayTransform is always set to the RightHandAnchor. Even setting it to something else at runtime doesn't change it. This leads me to believe that this value is automatically set by Oculus according to the OVRInput.GetDominantHand(). However, I found no way of setting the dominant hand (only getting) through code or even in the user settings for that matter. So it seems the laser is stuck to right hand. I'll contact Oculus about this, but I don't see this being fixed quickly.
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