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How long does pushing an update take?

falldeaffalldeaf Posts: 8
Our app has been approved and but has not yet cleared the store promo materials review. I had a couple of small changes requested, and I've fixed that and resubmitted but it's been a week or so ago.

The problem is we're only 6 days away from the launch of a major story for the app (It's a story about the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing so we can't push back the publish date for the story) but need to push a small update for it. We originally submitted our app on May 20th, 51 days ago so we're really worried about the timing. Does anyone know how long small updates take to be approved? If we do get pushed to the store in the next 6 days before launch, will there be enough time to push the update as well?

Thanks so much for any information, clarity, or help!
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