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App keeps launching in a window on the Oculus Go

AIEMelbAIEMelb Posts: 3
Hi all,
I'm making a game for Oculus Go using Unity and everything has been working fine all week, then suddenly it started behaving very strangely.
When I go Build and Run in Unity, it appears to build successfully, there are no error messages and unity says Build Successful.
Then in the Oculus Go, the game appears as a non-interactive window in the place of the normal Home screen, as a floating curved window.
The OS is still visible in the background and the OS menu is still visible below. The game is updating (things are moving) but I can't interact with it.

I have no idea why it suddenly started doing this, everything was fine one moment then not the next. I don't recall changing any scripts in between, I definitely didn't change any player settings.

I didn't even think lanching an app in a window like this was possible.
Does anyone know what might be causing it and how I can get it to go back to being full screen?

I have tried rebooting the Oculus Go and Unity.


  • Geist2501Geist2501 Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    I had a very similar problem in my first steps with the quest.
    You can read about my problem here if you like:

    Generally i think it came down to the Unity version i was using. Right now i work in 2017.4 as it builds way faster and does provide everything unity has to offer that does actually work on android. But i tested with 2018 and 2019 - the versions recommended in the Documentation.

    I plan to port my game up to the last versions once i have passed beta stage.
    What version are you using?
  • AIEMelbAIEMelb Posts: 3
    I'm using 2018 and it was working fine and I didn't upgrade unity. The only thing I did between working and not working was add a particle effect to my scene and close SteamVR. Even though it's not a Vive game and its running on the Go I'm wondering if SteamVR somehow messed it up. I have tried reopening it but it didn't fix the issue.
  • AIEMelbAIEMelb Posts: 3
    I fixed this by just going through all the settings in the Oculus menu and toggling a whole bunch of things off and on again. Seems to have been a bug.
  • ChristopherCornfordChristopherCornford Posts: 2
    So I had this same issue building in Unity 2019.1.4f1 and i want to replicate it, as my game is a simple 2D game that only uses the mouse as input. It worked fine when it was windowed, and I would like this to be the way the game is displayed permanently. Any ideas?
  • efrenaguilar95efrenaguilar95 Posts: 1
    Hey there!

    I'm having the same exact issue where my app keeps launching in this weird windowed mode. Has anyone been able to find a solution yet?
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