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Trouble pushing Quest app to Release Channel

ThatOtherVRGuyThatOtherVRGuy Posts: 12
Brain Burst
Anyone else having this problem?
I build it for Quest. I use V2 signing. Various complaints and issues: change the Android manifest this and set the Platform that. The  best I could do was get it there with no complaints, but it's not showing in the Quest store under 'My Preview Apps'. I one time got it to where it warned that the app was for 6DoF only (duh) but no show. And another time I changed a true to a false in the manifest (as instructed by the dashboard warning), and then it said that V3 signing was not supported.

I cannot believe that this has anything to do with Oculus wanting to really make sure they are releasing good content. How can we even make good content unless we can allow other white-listed stake-holders to try it? How can Oculus even get to see it if we can't submit it for their review?

Oculus, are you listening?
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