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(Android) Unity got Poor CPU Performance compared with Native apk

wangxiaoganganwangxiaogangan Posts: 21
Brain Burst
Hello everyone, my team have been contributing to develop " view dependent media player ", which using a single thread decode 2048 * 1536 with android-media-codec (we can call it BASE TEX) and four thread decode 512 * 256 * 24 split blocks for viewer directly look at with ffmpeg (we can call it HD TEX), very similar with VR_5K_PLAYER.

The above main framework make the cpu usage more heavy compare with gpu. Cpu need decode 2048 *1536 totally and upload YUV from memory to video memory every frame, while gpu only decode 2048 *1536. After a few test with Samsung S8 & Quest, i found that, s8 & Quest got different performance which s8 got a high fps because of Quest has less cpu avaliability compare with S8.

( PS: S8 & Quest all equiped with snapdragon 835. as far as i know, the 835 chip contain 8 core,  4 core of all 8 core are big core responsible for heavy work )

To confirm my point of view , i made a test proj using unity &  the latest gear sdk, add heavy cpu work for some thread

public class NewBehaviourScript : MonoBehaviour {

the enclosed python file use "adb shell cat /proc/stat" to calculate 8 core usage. 


the above result is S8, the last four core are big core usage, while 3 big core execute full load. 


the above result is Quest, the last four core are big core usage, while 2 big core execute full load.

my team also made a native android project which using gradle & android studio & without gear, loading my dynamic library through jni & execute view dependent media player. the S8 cpu usage is

the below result is executed with S8 using unity & gear & same dynamic library,   

the two test show that native apk get a better & average cpu usage while heavy cpu work executing, compared with unity & gear apk.

My question is, 
  1. Is there a way for unity & gear apk to control device cpu availability rate ?
  2. why native apk performance diff with unity & gear apk?
  3. why Quest got less core to execute cpu work compared with S8?

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