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Grabbing not working

I'm having a lot of trouble getting grabbing to work in the demos. I have a few issues:
1. I can only seem to have one "active" controller. Meaning, when I press buttons on my right controller, it pops to my side and works as normal, but the left one disappears back to where it was "anchored" in the scene. I can never have them both at my side functioning.
2. The finger movements and grabbing doesn't work. I have only gotten grabbing to work if I use a DistanceGrabber and change the Grabber script to be L/R Touch Tracker (the hand script is just L/R Touch). Even then, the hand doesn't make any animations when grabbing.

I've followed a bunch of tutorials, even a very recent one here ( They all seem to have hands working pretty well out of the box, at least the intricate finger tracking. I'm using 2019.1.10f1 with all recommended build settings.

Can anyone help me out?


  • Jed_BartletJed_Bartlet Posts: 3
    yeah I am having grabbing issues as well. works fine on Rift but not on Quest.
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