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problems with hands not rotating around body - sampleframework

Zig420Zig420 Posts: 27 Oculus Start Member
Hello, I am using the oculus sampleframework and trying to make the distancegrab work properly. I added the "startscene" and the "distancegrab" to my project. The first time I loaded the project "distancegrab".  I noticed that when pressing up on the thumbstick looking forward character would move forward nut when looking backwards and pressing the thumbstick up my character would move backwards. very strange. After playing around, I finally was able to get my character to move in the right direction no matter where I looked. To do that I simply checked the "HMD rotates y"  in OVRPlayerController and voila, everything was good. But now when I move my hands they dont rotate around my body anymore. There seems to be an offset and I can't figure out how to fix that. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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