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anyone having issues with Quest update "build 7" with Unity and VRTK ?

BarracadeBarracade Posts: 4
Hello just wondering if anyone is having issue with the new update ,
We have 2 headsets one with build 3.6 working perfectly , the second updated last night has the following issues
 - depending on the hand being used the other with disappear.
 - upon grabbing an item the whole game crashes
since that's at the start of the level we cant report anymore but this is obviously does us a concern.
If Devs are listening , any ideas? 
-is there an update to oculus integration coming
- can we downgrade our headsets?

Thanks for your time 


  • BarracadeBarracade Posts: 4
    an awesome user from VRTK helped me fix this,

    For all, remember to click the menu item "Oculus/Tools/Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml" so that your AndroidManifest.xml will contain the correct features (this step wasn't that important till the late July update started causing issues). - Hawkwood

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