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Oculus controllers for the handicap

DonXiongDonXiong Posts: 1
Will there be new developments and design changes for the controllers for the Oculus Quest?
My brother is disabled, he's missing a few fingers. Had him try out the Quest and he wasn't able to grip and press all the buttons. He's a big gamer and loves the Quest. He had to use both hands on one controller sometimes. When he saw that he has virtual hands with full fingers, he was shocked and was yelling "I finally have fingers!"
Will there be new controller designs? Like in the form of gloves? Maybe a universal glove size that can compress and conform to the size of the wearer's hand? So when a finger grip is sensed, that finger curls up.
Also, just another idea. Maybe make gloves that have resistant bands so when, for example, a cube is picked up in-game, the physical glove stays in that form. It'll look and feel like you picked up a physical object.
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