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Oculus Quest / Unreal 4 Media Player Material and /or Sequence Material

DonutkillaDonutkilla Posts: 1
Has anyone had any luck getting a Media Player Material and/or a Sequence Material to work in the Oculus Quest? When I launch  to the Quest all my materials show up except for the Media Player material. Any suggestions?


  • TomCHallTomCHall Posts: 35 Oculus Start Member
    is the source file in the contents directory of your project?
  • MarzioDellAnnaMarzioDellAnna Posts: 1
    No way.. I cant see video inside my quest.. someone try to use media player with ue 4.23 inside quest?
  • ijinprodijinprod Posts: 3
    Same here. Can't map quicktime video...

    TomCHall: Tried to put it a the root of the content but It doesn't solve the problem.

    I'm using 4.22.

    Any solution?
  • ijinprodijinprod Posts: 3
    Success there with a mp4 file into the Content/Movies/ directory !

  • ijinprodijinprod Posts: 3
    Rename my Mov to Mp4 works too :)
  • Hyperwerk_vr_2ndHyperwerk_vr_2nd Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    Is there an other solution? I have mp4 files but the material is still not playing the video.

    Edit: I am using 4.23
  • karsten.flindtkarsten.flindt Posts: 7
    @ijinprod did you ever use 4.23? - i have same issue. 

    Im using Vulkan

    I have files in Content/Movies/

    Im considering different format - as you mentioned you are using MOV file? - did you actually just renamed to MP4 - and did it work as mov and also as mp4? - can you telle anything about the format, frame size(1920x1080?)

    Thanks a lot.
  • karsten.flindtkarsten.flindt Posts: 7
    now i tested few things. 
    1. it shows ok when i turn on HDR mobile. 
    2. I ran it with Vulkan - but it shows very bad FPS - like 30-50
    3. I then converted back to ES3.1 - and now we are pretty close to desired 70 fps… 

    Does anyone know that Vulkan should be slower than ES3.1?
  • Sata-3DSata-3D Posts: 5
    you can play the video in ES3.1 ? or only in vulkan ?
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