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D3D11 Error

depinxidepinxi Posts: 1
Hi there !
I'm currently making a VR Game for some events with the Oculus Rift S.
All software version are : Unity v2019.1.4f1, Oculus Utilities v1.28.0, OVRPlugin v1.28.0, SDK v1.38.0.
On our last demo, after running few hours, 4 of our 5 computers (same soft and hardware on all computers) crashed due to the same error ("D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (1504 x 1616 fmt 19 aa 8), error 0x8007000e").
In my log file, I can find this error too:

"(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/GfxDevice/d3d11/TexturesD3D11.cpp Line: 442)"

DynamicHeapAllocator allocation probe 2 failed - Could not get memory for large allocation 27859184.
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=433 [D3D error was 80070057]"
A stack trace in log gave me this pretty line :

C:\Users\depinxi\Desktop\dist\Joute_Data\Plugins\OVRPlugin.dll:OVRPlugin.dll (00007FF8D0AB0000), size: 5017600 (result: 0), SymType: '-deferred-', PDB: '', fileVersion:".

My game needs to run between 8 and 10 hours/day...
Do you have any idea how to solve this? Probably a memory leak?
Thank you for reply!
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