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SDK Oculus for IOS Mobile

mario.cohuomario.cohuo Posts: 1

Sorry for the inconvenience, I need to make an application in IOS to monitor and control videos on the Oculus Go device. Then I explain basically how the application would work: Example: the application on the IOS device must send the video playback signal to the Oculus, the oculus must be able to select in its memory the video in question and be able to play it. My question, is there an Oculus SDK for IOS to develop in Xcode in the swift language? It is worth mentioning that I do not want to make virtual reality applications for the Oculus device, but rather, to make a connection between the IOS device and the Oculus to synchronize the reproductions between them. I would appreciate your guidance as to the libraries that should be used, since I am new to the development issue for Oculus. Greetings and thanks for your time.
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