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Disabling Body in OVR Avatar on Oculus Go crash the app

StaRky_FRStaRky_FR Posts: 8
edited August 2019 in Oculus Go Development
I'm currently using Oculus integration 1.38 on Unity 2019.1.10f1.

Whenever I disable "Enable Body" on the Ovr Avatar script the app is crashing.

Fun fact, if I start my app while disconnecting the controller, the app is not crashing. When I connect the controller it does crash anyway.

I'm I the only one experiencing this ?

Does anybody tried to disable the body in OVR avatar on Oculus Go ?


  • MikeSftwMikeSftw Posts: 1
    Even though i'm developing on the Quest, i'm having the same issue.

    I was using logcat to track the error and i got this:

    Maybe the ovrAvatarPose_UpdateHandsWithType() function is what is causing all the trouble.
  • StaRky_FRStaRky_FR Posts: 8
    So far I'm fixing the problem with this script but I trully find this ugly.

        private GameObject m_Avatar;

        void LateUpdate()
            // find and grab the avatar body object
            m_Avatar = GameObject.Find("body");

            // if i've found the avatar body disable the skinned mesh renderers for each component
            if (m_Avatar != null)
                SkinnedMeshRenderer[] avatar = m_Avatar.GetComponentsInChildren<SkinnedMeshRenderer>();
                avatar[0].enabled = false;
                avatar[1].enabled = false;
                avatar[2].enabled = false;

  • colin.love1colin.love1 Posts: 6
    My (Quest) app is crashing with the same bug. The weird thing is that this app used to work a month or two ago when I last ran it and I haven't edited/recompiled at all. I don't even remember agreeing to any update on the device. What gives?
    I did a month of development work with Avatar Body disabled without issue, now none of my apps run. Imagine releasing an app, only to have it break later.

    Next thing: I enable the Avatar body: Awesome! My app runs without crashing but... the hands are all messed up. It only shows one hand at a time, swaps when I press a button and tracks orientation without position. Hmm. That's interesting. Does my Quest now think its a Go?
  • colin.love1colin.love1 Posts: 6
    Fixed by going to Oculus menu in unity and creating a store-compatible manifest.
  • planetanycplanetanyc Posts: 2
    edited August 2019
    "Create a store-compatible manifest" works (also with Quest)! Thanks!!
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