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New Avatar features in C++ Native SDK

I would like to integrate the new Avatar features (like Expressive Features or viseme) in my C++ application, but it's quite difficult because of the lack of documentation. I have downloaded the new SKD (1.39), but the Mirror example is always the same and the new features are not integrated.

I managed to use the LipSync SDK, I can get the right visemes from the players audio buffers, but if I pass them to the Avatar with ovrAvatar_SetVisemes, nothing appens. I have also enabled the Expressive Feautures using ovrAvatarSpecificationRequest_SetExpressiveFlag, but the result is the same.

I've also tried to use ovrAvatarSpecificationRequest_SetLookAndFeelVersion(requestSpec, ovrAvatarLookAndFeelVersion_Two); but in this case is very difficult to render the avatar, because I have to use the ovrAvatarRenderPart_SkinnedMeshRenderPBS_V2 mesh, and there are no examples (I should implement a fragment shader but I don't know the material properties specifications).

Why there is such a lack of documentation for these new features? Where can I found an example to understand how integrate them in native applications?

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