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Can anyone get SceneCapture2D to work on Quest/Go?

We've been trying to get SceneCapture2D to work on the Quest/Go for months now and it seemed to us like a bug in UE4 that Epic still haven't got around to fixing. Anyone here doing any kind of render target on the Quest/Go and managed to get it to work? 


  • rivermandyrivermandy Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. SceneCapture2D works well in Rift, but does not work on Quest. Maybe ticking or unticking something in the project setting? Have no idea.
  • ClonedPuppyClonedPuppy Posts: 4
    Hey, I did some test and posted my findings on answerhub (I'm priel71), this site won't allow me post the direct link, but if you search for the "Render texture is black" in the VR section, you'll find it. It's basically a multiview issue. 
    Hope it helps.
  • ClonedPuppyClonedPuppy Posts: 4

    Here is my post in case you don't find it...:

    I spent Sunday doing tests and way too many hours doing shader compiles (UGH!). In any case, these are my findings on 4.25.1:

    Vulkan + Multiview = Black texture

    Vulkan + MobileHDR + No MultiView = Works (?!) But pretty crap performance, and perhaps a edge case, but I understand they are working on getting limited HDR working on mobile and vulkan.. so yeah, fingers crossed.

    ES3.1 + MultiView = Black Texture

    ES3.1 + No MultiView = Works (Not too bad performance, considering mobile etc..)

    I'm building v8 (64bit) and I think the rest is pretty much the usual plain vanilla Oculus Quest settings.

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