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My submission state is "Under Review" for 5 weeks already.

tructvtructv Posts: 8 Oculus Start Member
As the title said i submitted for review 25 June and now it's August already. Is there anyone who had to wait that long for a review result? Is there anyway to contact the Review Team directly to see what's wrong? By the way my title is for PC VR.


  • eugeeuge Posts: 2
    We are having the same issue on long review time too.
  • MassiveStateMassiveState Posts: 44 Oculus Start Member
    edited August 2019
    I'm coming up on 3 weeks I hope it's a good sign 🤞
  • teleportyteleporty Posts: 3
    tructv, did you hear back yet?
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 181 Oculus Start Member
    well if your app passed all the requirements and it is not free then its going to take a long time. i'm on 2 months now waiting approval and store release. they have to deal with legal things and sadly this takes forever. if it is taking forever this is a good thing, it means 2 things your app is meeting the requirements and they are setting up legal things to allow your app to be sold. or it can mean that they are badly backlogged. and since i see alot of apps being denied for performance issues i doubt that your being denied. when my app was being denied it takes 3 days to get a denial. but now that my app performs optimal and everything passes its taking longer. hope this excites you. at first it annoyed me because i have no money but now i'm excited because the delay is a really good sign. so hang in there they will get to you in time. most of my friends that has a paid app on the store said it takes about 3 months in total so give them time. soon your app will hit the market.
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 181 Oculus Start Member
    get excited ppl. a long wait is a very good sign :D

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