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For Oculus Quest showing Oculus Go controller

Hi I am Using Oculus Quest device and Unity3d 2019.1 with latest Oculus Integration plugins from Unity Store. When I take a build I am getting Oculus go controller model instead of Oculus Quest.
I am getting debug OVRControllerHelp: Active controller type: Go for product Oculus Go
And firstly I tried using Unity XR build in which I am facing problem for Input System, its not detecting any Input of XR Input System as well as Unity legacy Input System.


  • desjaredesjare Posts: 2
    I am using the native api and the quest controller registers as a Go controller as well: got ovrControllerCaps_ModelOculusGo capabilities.
  • AdrianJF2AdrianJF2 Posts: 2
    Having the same thing, since my quest updated for a controller fix on the 4/8/19. Now getting a single controller but the controller position changes to the controller you last pressed a button on. This was using the native api in C++.
  • AdrianJF2AdrianJF2 Posts: 2
    Figure this one out and it turns out is is an android manifest file issue.
    Add the following line into the manifest file:

    <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.vr.headtracking" android:required="false" />

    Change required="true" if you want it to only work with Quest I think. I've got it as false so it will work with GearVr,Go and Quest.

  • blic_Jblic_J Posts: 4
    Thank you for your mention 'AdrianJF2'.
    Now I Can see Quest Controller XD, Not Go Controller!
  • VirtualPabloVirtualPablo Posts: 1
    Hi AdrianJF2, thanks for that info... but could you get a bit more into detail? Where is that manifest file that needs to be edited?
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