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Toggle dimmed when selected?

phyzxengrphyzxengr Posts: 10
Brain Burst
I have a 4 checkbox toggle group that I move the selection with the right thumbstick on a Quest.
This works and I have some counters to fix. I deselect all four then I select the particular one by indexing. The problem I have with doing toggle1.isOn is the checkmark is dimmed. I did not change the colors or anything like that. I simply used was Unity supplies out of th ebox and select y rotating index. The dimmed check box is the concern.
I have another menu of a separate toggles and the first one is selected by default is a black checkmark.
Any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

  • phyzxengrphyzxengr Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    Accepted Answer
    My bad. Problem solved. The deselection routine was constantly shutting off the deselection. On off, on off showed up as dimmed. I had to post to get an 'Out of the box' experience. I did. I will leave this here as it might shake some other dwellers and diehards up.
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